Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yard work

Yard work. I hate yard work. Especially mowing the yard. I have allergies and mowing the yard makes them react just horribly. Plus I hate gas powered lawn mowers. The vibration, the fumes, the loud engine screaming at me. I really hate it. But since I am a perfectionist I have to do it myself. Ever since I got an electric mower it has made the job of mowing a more enjoyable task.

With an electric mower the engine vibration is a thing of the past. No gas fumes or exhaust. No loud motor humming. Just quiet mowing where, when you are finished, you don't feel like you have been shook to death and you can still hear. I use the Solaris 510121. The great thing about this lawn mower is it has push button starting. No pulling the cord till your arm falls off. It is self propelled. It can cut the average lawn on one charge and has an LED read out that alerts you to how much of a charge you have a left. With the price of gas these days an electric mower just makes sense. Also using an electric mower is greener way to mow your yard since their are no toxic emissions into the atmosphere.

An electric mower can't do much for your allergies but they sure can make yard work enjoyable..

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