Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paperpixiecrafts: The story of the Ugly Chair.

Paperpixiecrafts: The story of the Ugly Chair.: "

Special Collections Department

Collectibles. People collect a lot of things. Some people collect things like bills, bad marriages, bad memories. But I am talking about things we love. Things that when we see our hearts go atwitter and our inner child screams gimme, gimme, gimme. Things like vintage cookie jars, dinner ware, toys and the like.

The things I collect I actually use in decorating my home.I don't see the point in owning things tucked away in storage that I can't see on almost a daily basis.

One of my favorite things to collect are suns. Whimsical suns with faces or without. Made of many different materials. I just love them. When I see one I almost always have to get it. I love going shopping for my suns. I love flea markets, yard sales, regular and online stores.

Here are a few pieces from my collection.

Small glass Votive Holder In Bedroom

Metal with bells hanging on front porch

Large glass and metal small pillar candle holder
small picture plaque
metal with bells
Stone material in Bathroom

So as you can see I really love suns. If you want to learn more about collecting and collectibles please visit the following website. The host Barbara Crews has a lot of valuable information. Collectibles at

Until next time be Courageous in your Designs.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

COURAGEOUS DESIGNS: Rolling, Rolling, Rolling With a Rag

COURAGEOUS DESIGNS: Rolling, Rolling, Rolling With a Rag: "Another faux technique that I like, because it is easy, is Rag Rolling. Also called ragging this is in my opinion the easiest technique to l..."

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling With a Rag

Another faux technique that I like, because it is easy, is Rag Rolling. Also called ragging this is in my opinion the easiest technique to learn and do. If you make mistakes no on will ever know because it will look like you meant to do it.
Rag rolling works best on large areas like walls, although you can do smaller objects and areas it really works better when you can roll your rag, so larger areas give you a better result. Rag rolling involves painting a base coat and then painting a glaze over the base coat and then "rolling" off or "rolling" on some of the glaze so the base color shows through in places. Rag rolling is a technique used to give walls a rich and elegant look. It is a great technique for making your walls really pop. Any combination of colors can be used to achieve this effect. But keep in mind that the base coat will show through as the glaze is removed.
You can find the supplies you need at most hardware stores. Many paint companies make the paints and equip specifically for these techniques of faux painting such as pre-made glazes. You can make them your self by mixing paint and paint additives but why when it has already been done for you. I am all about easy.
The first technique described below is for Rag Rolling on(adding glaze on top of base coat). The second technique description is for Rag Rolling-off(removing glaze). The list of items needed is the same for both techniques.
What you will need:
  • Painters tape
  • semi gloss latex paint used for the base coat
  • rolling brush
  • clean water
  • different color glazes(as many as you are going to use)
  • ragging cloth (any type of cloth can be used but rougher clothes give a better texture)
  • Brushes (optional)
What you will do (Rag Rolling-On):
  1. Before you begin, tape off all areas where you do not want the finish applied. Apply base coat with a roller to the entire surface. Remove tape and allow to dry over night.
  2. Reapply tape. Wet a Ragging cloth in clean water and wring out well. Dip the damp ragging cloth into the selected glaze until rag is saturated. Gently wring out the rag to release the excess glaze. Twist the cloth into a cylindrical shape and roll the rag across the surface.
  3. As you roll the rag, turn directions randomly distributing the desired amount of glaze. Reload glaze onto rag as needed. Repeat steps if more coverage is desired or add a second glaze color after the first has dried. When you reach corners and tight areas, gently push the rag into the tight area being careful to avoid accumulation. Excess glaze will cause an uneven appearance. Remove tape with in an hour and allow to dry.
What you will do (Rag Rolling-Off):
  1. Before you begin, be sure to tape off all woodwork and other areas you do not want to paint. Apply base coat with a roller to the entire surface. Remove tape and allow to dry over night.
  2. Reapply tape. Apply selected glaze with a roller or brush. Apply in random 2-4' jigsaw like patterns.( you will work on one "jig-saw" area at a time to prevent the glaze from drying too much).
  3. Twist a clean damp rag at varying angles over the wet glazed surface, lifting some of the glaze to reveal a random pattern. Rinse and wring out cloth when it becomes saturated with glaze or change to a clean cloth. Remove tape with in an hour and allow to dry completely.
Now how easy is that?
Here are some tips for a successful project:
  • For a longer open working time and a higher overall sheen use an interior semi-gloss enamel as a base coat.
  • Use a clear mixing glaze for re wetting a partly dry edge.
  • Remove painters tape before the area is completely dry to avoid damaging your painted surface. Sometimes the paint adheres to the tape and you will remove part of your project with the tape.
Again as on the last project this is very easy to do but does require patience between drying times. Have fun creating your Courageous designs.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

COURAGEOUS DESIGNS: Have A Nice Trip, See You Next Faux

COURAGEOUS DESIGNS: Have A Nice Trip, See You Next Faux: "I am really interested in Faux Finishes. I read and watch anything I can get my hands on relating to the subject. I recently watched a video..."

Monday, April 25, 2011

Have A Nice Trip, See You Next Faux

I am really interested in Faux Finishes. I read and watch anything I can get my hands on relating to the subject. I recently watched a video from HGTV Called Finish it Faux. It was a great resource to learn about faux finishes. One of my favorites was "French Wash".

French Wash gives an old world look to whatever you paint this way. I would say it is french country style but it works with almost any style from Modern to traditional. I myself have a very eclectic style so it definitely would work in my house.

You can finish furniture with french wash or whole walls or floors, or even very small items. You are only limited by your imigination. The ingredients you need can be obtained from any hardware store (large items or walls) to craft stores (smaller items).

A French  wash is created by applying one or more semitransparent washes or glazes of paint over an opaque base in order to create a rich, subtle, multi-toned and aged effect. These days, the material of choice is usually latex paint that has been thinned with water and made more workable with paint additives, known as extenders, that slow the drying process and allow more time for the manipulation of paint to create the desired effects. The layers may be applied from dark to light, or light to dark depending on the look you hope to achieve. Some professionals create French washes with as many as five different hues.

What you will need:
  • Latex paints
  • Extender paint additive
  • Paint roller
  • Brushes
  • Sponge
  • Rags
  • Fine-grade sandpaper
What you will do:

1 Apply French washes to walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets, lamps, tables or anywhere you would like to achieve an unusual mottled, shaded or weathered effect.
2 Experiment before beginning by doing a some tests on different surfaces such as foam board or poster board, available in any office supply or art supply store. Use various tools to manipulate the glazes allowing undercoatings to show through in the desired patterns. These tools may include brushes -- both to add and remove paint -- sponges and rags. Cheese cloth gives a very interesting effect.
3 Determine the color combination you want to use and begin by applying a base coat of latex paint to the entire surface using a brush for edges and a roller for the rest. Allow to dry for 24 hours so that the thin glazing you are about to apply does not soften the first coat and cause the colors to combine rather than layer.
4 Mix the second and subsequent colors and apply the glazes, allowing at least some of the undercoating to show through. Make an effort to keep your technique consistent so that the effect remains the same over the entire painted surface.
5 Wait at least 24 hours between coats regardless of how many different color glazes you choose to apply.

This is not that hard to do but does require patience because of the 24 hour drying time between coats. Have fun creating your Courageous Designs.

It's Curtains For You

So, I need new curtains for my bedroom. The old ones are tattered and torn literally. I need them to coordinate with burgundy and gold. I want them to be thermal to help save energy. I want them to be room darkening for good quality naps. I have sheer curtains now and I love the ethereal effect of the light coming through them without having to open or close them, but at night I feel like people are watching me.

I recently went to stay, a few days, with a dear friend of mine. She has canvas curtains in her bedroom that I really liked. So that narrowed down my options even more, picking out some curtains should be a piece of cake, right? I could not have been more wrong. There are thousands if not millions of choices based on my filter, so to say, of what I wanted.

I searched online, I searched in catalogues, I searched in brick and mortar stores, I searched in vain. I could not find exactly what I wanted. Now I am picky. It takes m a while to make p my mind, just ask my friends that I go out to restaurants how long it takes me to place my order. But I have been searching for over three months now. That is ridiculous even for me.

Maybe I will find some curtains before my old ones completely disintegrate.

Hello World

Welcome to my first post. This will be a forum to discuss interior design and decorating by novices but we won’t exclude the pros, we always need their help.
I want to start off by saying that I truly believe the old adage that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I may find something beautiful that you may find horrendous and vice versa and that’s ok. I appreciate positive feed back but mean spirited feedback will not be tolerated. SO please feel free to post comments, ideas, suggestions and whatever else pops into your mind as long as you are nie and clean with what you post. Also please feel free to send pictures of your home and furniture that you are proud of and if I can I will post it and give you credit.
I am a novice in interior decorating but I do love it. I love shopping for pieces if furniture or accessories for my home. I love decorating the outside of my home as much as the inside.
So here goes and again welcome to my blog.