Monday, June 6, 2011

Creating a comfortable Bedroom

Creating a comfortable Bedroom

To me, my bedroom is my sanctuary, my oasis from the troubles of the world. I want to be comfortable in my bedroom. The bed especially has to be comfortable and inviting. Comfortable to lie on and sleep in. I do a lot of reading and writing before I go to sleep at night lying in my bed so it has to be comfortable.

The bedding has to be extra comfortable. I love Candice Olsen Bedding. It is light and comfortable. Like sleeping on a cloud. The line that is my favorite is called "Cloud Nine". I also like Cindy Crawford Bedding. Cindy Crawford's  Designs have  a great sense of style. Wonderful to snuggle up in after a hard days work.

But don't just think of the comfort of the bedding when planning your sanctuary also think of the style. I love Iron Headboards. Iron Head boards create a bedroom with a sense of style and flair. My bedroom has to have the style to make me want to stay in it not just the comfort.

As I said earlier in this post I do a lot of reading and writing in bed before I doze off for the night, a Laptop Bed Desk makes this task a lot easier. I love being able to do this task comfortably while laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep. Is is a convenient and relaxing way to work.

I hope that these Ideas have helped to inspire you to create your oasis and sanctuary from the world, a comfortable, stylish bedroom.

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