Saturday, June 4, 2011

Using Color

Using Color

Color can change your mood. Good use of color in your home can make you happy to be at home. Color can correct a room that is off-balance. It can pull everything together and make a room look finished.

A color wheel can help you experiment with color combinations. The twelve-part color wheel is the most useful tool when it comes to decorating.

There are some rules to remember when using color in home decorating:
·       Don’t use too many colors in one room. Use two to four depending on the size of the room.
·       Decide if you are going to emphasize the furnishings or the background.
·       Coordinate the color of a room with adjoining rooms if you can see one from the other.
·       Use neutral colors to camouflage defects, such as architectural or structural problems that you can’t easily change. Use bold colors to enhance interesting architectural details.
·       Use patterns to make a neutral background more interesting.
·       You can get away with more than one pattern in a room if the patterns use the same color scheme.
Now that you know the rules, you will know what rules to break because as we all know, rules were made to be broken.

One last piece of advice on color, use only the colors you like. Don’t use color just for the sake of having color in your home. You have to live in your home so decorate it with things you love.

Until next time, I hope your designs are courageous.

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