Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super Bargain

I wanted to share with one of my super bargains. I found this Angel
at Ross Department Store for $0.49. You read that right 49 cents.

My .49 Angel

When I turned the angel over and looked at the sticker

Sticker Shock

 I went into reverse sticker shock. I just could not believe it. I was like oh my goodness I have to hurry and buy this before they realize their mistake. So I literally ran to the check out. The cashier was also a little surprised as well but happily rang it for me.

The only thing I can think of was they really wanted to get rid of it. It was after Christmas when I bought it so it was seasonal clearance but it also had some slight damage to it that you can't really tell (I have worked in quality control for most of my career so I really inspected it.). There is a sculpted ribbon coming down that front with cut pieces of mirror embedded in it that looks like some of the pieces are missing.
Missing mirror pieces

Whatever reason it was clearanced so much I thanked the Bargain Gods and went on my merry way. The angel is beautiful it is metallic silver with beautiful details. It is holding a delicate little flower you can barely make out in the picture.
It holds a delicate small flower

It has beautiful Scroll work wings.

Beautiful wings

It looks almost carved, especially the back.
Back of Angel

I really love it and I am proud of my bargain.

My bargain

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