Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Helping my daughter pick out her first prom dress

Guest post written by Sue Ray
I've always kind of thought that helping my daughter pick out a prom dress might be a little bit like what I would imagine helping her pick out a prom dress would be like. Except, I guess with a prom dress you're more worried about it being too revealing for her age than a wedding dress. Or at least I imagine.
I've been a little worried about battling my daughter over the revealing nature of some dresses. So I thought that it might help to look at some online with her before we actually go shopping and that's what we were doing when I saw the site Debt Settlement Family. Now, my husband and I have been in debt for some while and it's been a real hassle to worry about. So we're going to look through that site and see if it can help out our financial situation any.
I've set some clear boundaries for what I think is too revealing and what I think is okay for my daughter. Like strapless is okay and so are some cutouts on the back. Something that looks like a bikini top attached to a skirt with a few strings is not okay. Hopefully that will make actually dress shopping go a lot smoother.

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