Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Learning to own a home

Learning to own a home
This guest post from Lewis Beck
When I graduated from college in May, I was determined to be a home owner, but I was not prepared for all of the responsibilities that come with home ownership. I bought a home and set up all of my utilities, and I even looked at different HOME ALARM SYSTEMS since I would be living alone. My dad tried to convince me to rent an apartment for a while until I could save some money, but I decided to start working as soon as I graduated and was able to make my first mortgage payment with plenty of money left over. It crossed my mind to buy a new car too, but I know that I cannot really afford a car payment right now. My parents taught me to manage my moneypretty well, and I always had a summer job when I was in high school and college. I guess you can say that I have not had a real summer break since I was in the ninth grade. I think I am okay with that though because my work ethic allowed me to buy a house when I wanted to.

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