Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gift for My Son

Gift for My Son
Post contributed by Hilton Miranda
My son had been so good in school this year. He’s always had a really hard time learning and he has a lot of issues with focusing so when he worked really hard with his teachers and his tutors to bring all of his grades up my husband and I decided we wanted to do something really special to reward him for all his hard work. We went to HTTP://WWW.ExpertSatellite.com/ and found a good satellite package that had all the sports channels we knew he would like and we gave it to him right after school got out this year. All he’s been doing since then is sitting on the couch watching anything and everything sports related on TV! He absolutely loves it and I’m just glad we were able to think of something he would really get a kick out of and it’s totally worth it if it means he’ll work hard again next year to keep his grades like thy are. He’s a good kid and deserves all the great things that come his way!

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