Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Easy Way to Choose Paint Colors

The Easy Way to Choose Paint Colors: Just Use My Favorites.

If you hate looking through paint chips and choosing the right color then just look at my favorite 7 hues to see if they move you like they do me.

These seven colors are my favorites. They are refined and will give your home a lift of color.

  • SW6484 Meander BlueBLUE Sherwin Williams Meander Blue (#6484) Blues and Greens have become the new neutrals on the color wheel. They go with anything.This light blue(almost green) is very soothing to the eye. It is a great choice for a bedroom or bathroom.
  •   Benjamin Moore 2109-30 Wood Grain BrownBROWN Benjamin Moore Wood Grain Brown (#2109-30) Brown is great to use to warm up a room, but it is hard to find a good brown. More often than not they have too much red or yellow mixed in, which can make them look muddy. This one has a gray under tone which makes it look more refined.
  •   Benjamin Moore 2003-10 Million Dollar RedRED Benjamin Moore Million Dollar Red (#2003-10) It is often very difficult to find a good red because often they are blended with too much blue or yellow. This red is mixed with the perfect combination of both. It is good for a dining room because it gives a warm flattering cast to skin tones. Everyone will look his or her best at the table. It is also a cozy choice for your family room.
  •  Color match of Olympic B68-3 Lettuce Alone*GREEN Olympic Lettuce Alone (#B68-3) Green, particularly a crisp, clean green like this one, looks great in kitchens, where food and colors abound.Consider it for your bathroom too, where it will be fresh and calming.
  •   Benjamin Moore 1528 Early Morning MistBEIGE Benjamin Moore Early Morning Mist (#1528) This neutral color is somewhere between gray and beige. Because it changes with light, it is extremely adaptable. A foolproof color that works for almost any decorating scheme.
  • Benjamin Moore® Aura® Paint - Hawthorne YellowYELLOW Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow (#HC-4) Yellow works well in rooms that are exposed to little natural light because it brings an element of the Sun. This yellow, neither too lemony nor too golden, is just the right balance of tranquil and turbo charged.
  •   Benjamin Moore 2137-60 Gray OwlGRAY Benjamin Moore Gray Owl (#2137-60) A sophisticated alternative to blue this hue is extremely adaptable to all color schemes. It goes with everything.
I hope you love these colors as much as I do. Whether you pick these colors or others for your home just remember to pick colors YOU like. Don't fall prey to what's "IN" (that will change before you have even pried off the lid your paint can.). Look to your favorite color of clothes for inspiration.

Until next time may all your Designs be Courageous.

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