Saturday, April 30, 2011

Special Collections Department

Collectibles. People collect a lot of things. Some people collect things like bills, bad marriages, bad memories. But I am talking about things we love. Things that when we see our hearts go atwitter and our inner child screams gimme, gimme, gimme. Things like vintage cookie jars, dinner ware, toys and the like.

The things I collect I actually use in decorating my home.I don't see the point in owning things tucked away in storage that I can't see on almost a daily basis.

One of my favorite things to collect are suns. Whimsical suns with faces or without. Made of many different materials. I just love them. When I see one I almost always have to get it. I love going shopping for my suns. I love flea markets, yard sales, regular and online stores.

Here are a few pieces from my collection.

Small glass Votive Holder In Bedroom

Metal with bells hanging on front porch

Large glass and metal small pillar candle holder
small picture plaque
metal with bells
Stone material in Bathroom

So as you can see I really love suns. If you want to learn more about collecting and collectibles please visit the following website. The host Barbara Crews has a lot of valuable information. Collectibles at

Until next time be Courageous in your Designs.


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